Monday, October 22, 2012

Going Mobile Its the new big thing

These days with he advent of smartphone the mobile usage has increased multifolds compared to the last decade.More and more users are using mobile phone for all their social networking needs.Facebook,twitter,linked in and all other major social networking sites already have mobile apps for various platforms. Just looking at the stats you can imagine the how pervasive the use of mobile phones is these days.Facebook and Twitter have almost 60% of their user base as mobile users while instagram has 100% mobile users.Just looking at the stats it is very clear that companies in order to keep up with the trends and changing market need to go mobile.Companies need to create their product apps for various mobile platforms to be successful.Companies in turn also prodive a eco system to their customers who no longer need a computer access to shop for all the items that they are interested in.

Lead Generation

Simply creating social media profile on Facebook,linked in and twitter is not good enough.In order to generate potential leads you have to learn to turn the connections to actual leads.You can achieve this by doing a variety of things as mentioned below.For starters you have to build a community of followers and engage with them.You have to cross sell your content and product at the same time engage with your current connections by asking questions and feedback. You also need to track and analyze your result set and analyze detailed statistics on followers, subscribers, responses, etc., so that as you can try new tactic.

Facebook : You have to provide email subscription to the users so that they are in touch with the company news and follow the updates regularly.You also have to provide coupons and some discounts so that you lure customers on coming on to your page.Live Chat is a great example so that you can get in touch with the clients and get questions answered quickly

Blog : You have to keep writing and updating the blog either with the product/company updates as well as keeping up with trends.You also have to make sure that you use specific tags that you want to use so that you can target and reach out to specific target audience.You have to offer some frees stuff to the customers like free product trial and or free newsletter subscription so that you keep the momentum.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Tag Me

Tags are gaining much importance with the advent of web 2.0.Tags helps describe an item and allows it to be found again by browsing or searching.Google tag manager give internet marketers complete freedom to manage tags using a console without involving programmers to write complex code to manage them.An official tag is a keyword adopted by events and conferences for participants to use in their web publications, such as blog entries, photos of the event, and presentation slides.
Google tag manager gives us a tool to manage client side digital marketing efforts as well which are related to keywords and tags.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Eco System

In my last post we talked about predictive Analysis but I think that is just one end of the spectrum if we really need to dissect the market and provide innovative solutions then we have to develop a ECO system around the product that you are selling.I have been doing some market research for eCommerce application, while there are many tools available in the market to setup a store online and sell products but there is no company that integrates everything to offer to a customer.For example eCommerce store can be integrated with analytics engines to to understand site and customer behavior we can track the ad word campaigns and sales funnels to see what workflow works best for our site and what promotional campaigns are getting the most hits.
E commerce applications now need to be integrated with Facebook storefronts and online giants like amazon and eBay for cross channel sales integration.

Market is going mobile so goes without saying that a mobile app is needed for any product that is being offered to the customer.Now once we have all the components integrated then we start collecting data and feeding it to a predictive engine to forecast inventory and customer behavior based on all the historical trends.

I therefore feel that if we have to be successful in launching a product then we have to develop a ECO system around it

Predictive Analysis

Social Media today has taken over our lifes by storm,Suddenly it looks like everybody is connected to each other like never before thanks to tools like Facebook and twitter.These social networking applications generate tremendous amount of data every minute.While there are data mining tools available in the market that analyze historical data in forms of data marts but there is no industry tools that takes the analysis done by various data warehousing tools and feed it to a predictive engine to faorecast what will happen in future based on the historical trends.

I believe that there is a lot of potential for such a market to grow in the future.More about how to develop this idea and integrate with existing applications in my next posts.