Monday, October 22, 2012

Going Mobile Its the new big thing

These days with he advent of smartphone the mobile usage has increased multifolds compared to the last decade.More and more users are using mobile phone for all their social networking needs.Facebook,twitter,linked in and all other major social networking sites already have mobile apps for various platforms. Just looking at the stats you can imagine the how pervasive the use of mobile phones is these days.Facebook and Twitter have almost 60% of their user base as mobile users while instagram has 100% mobile users.Just looking at the stats it is very clear that companies in order to keep up with the trends and changing market need to go mobile.Companies need to create their product apps for various mobile platforms to be successful.Companies in turn also prodive a eco system to their customers who no longer need a computer access to shop for all the items that they are interested in.

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  1. I do agree that with the popularization of smartphones many of our daily lives are slowly becoming integrated with these microchips we hold in our hands. It is scary to think about how much information is carried around with us, often just within our hands, and how easily it would be to lose all that information. Is this a good or bad thing?